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Hostel (Boys & Girls)

Students are provided with hostel facilities. There are separate hostels for both boys and girls. All hostels have well equipped fooding facilities and special care is taken of the hygiene of the hostels. The students seeking accommodation in the hostel must apply at the time of admission. All boarders shall have to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel and shall have to sign an undertaking to that effect.

The College provides in-campus comfortable and well hygienic hostel accommodation separately for boys and girls. It can accommodate more than 1000 students with spacious well ventilated rooms, individual cots with cupboards. It also provides round-the-clock security and vigil for the safety of the inmates. For sick children there is provision for special diet, treatment in nearby district head quarter hospital and presence of a well trained pharmacist round the clock. The hostel is segregated into number of rooms. The care taker (boys & Girls) who lives with the hostels are taking care of the students for their overall well beings. They are assisted by House Matrons as well as by Supervisors who are in charge of health, hygiene, and housekeeping and diet and so on to ensure discipline and punctuality. The hostel environment is further enriched with the personalized care and counsel and topped with friendly warmth and co-operation among peers, supplying of all sports and games for all round development of the pupils makes the hostel truly a home away from home.