Electronics & Communication

The department covers a host of subjects inclusive of electronic circuits, microprocessor, digital signal processing, analog communication, digital communication, mobile communication, VLSI, embedded systems, instrumentation, analytical instrumentation encompassing courses of electronics engineering, communication engineering and instrumentation engineering. The department has laboratories catering to all the subjects of studies.All these labs are ready with sophisticated instruments and are custom-designed to facilitate better demonstration and easier understanding of the students.

Our highly experienced team of faculty members felicitates the maintenance of the departments and also the active participation of the students in laboratory activities helps in upgrading their knowledge about the use of the kits. The department ascertains that the student, on being a professional, should lead with pride with their future endeavors.
Our Lab Facility:

Lab-1 Basic electronics
Equipments: CRO, function generator, bread board, power supply, IC tester, multimeter, electronic components, kit
EXPT. Carried out:Characteristics study of different electronics components.
Lab Strength: 30

Lab-2 Analog / Digital electronics

Equipments: CRO, function generator, bread board, power supply, IC tester, multimeter, electronic components, trainer kit, digital ICS, analog ICS.
EXPT. Carried out:Different amplifier designs, oscillator design, study of gain impudence and losses in electronic circuits. Design of different logic gates, combinational and sequentialckts in software and hardware.
Software available: VHDL
Lab Strength: 30

Lab-3 Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab
Equipments: 8085, 8086, 8051microprocessor kit, study cards, interfacing card, PCS.
EXPT. Carried out:Different programs in the kit.
Lab Strength: 30

Lab-4 Communication engineering
Equipments: Experimental kit, DSO, function generator, spectrum anatizer, PCS.
EXPT. Carried out:ACT and DCT experimental.
Software available: MATLAB, LABVIEW
Strength: 30

Lab-5 DSP/ VLSI Design
Equipments: PCS, trainer kits
EXPT. Carried out: MATLAB Programs and VLSI programs.
Software available: MATLAB, XYLINX 9.2i
Strength: 30

Lab-6 Design simulation
Equipments: PCS, trainer kits
EXPT. Carried out:Programs regarding design of electronics kit.
Software available: Symmetriks
Lab Strength: 30

Lab-7 Advanced Communication engineering
Equipments: Microwave test bench, fiber optics trainer kit, satellite trainer kit, mobile trainer kit.
EXPT. Carried out:Experiments regarding optical, satellite communication and microwave engineering.
Software available: Symmetriks
Strength: 30